Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

The Australasian Maritime Institute (AMI) is dedicated to providing industry with as many skilled and competent workers as possible. To achieve this, AMI utilises the skilled knowledge of industry experienced professionals in a relaxed learning environment where the emphasis is placed on safety training that ensures students achieve and understand the skills and knowledge they will need to live, work and survive in the Maritime, Mining, and Oil and Gas Sectors.

Currently the Australian resources sector has over 250 billion dollars worth of projects scheduled to begin over the next three to five years. A high percentage of these projects will be in the oil and gas industry. It is estimated that over 25,000 workers will be required and a great majority of this figure will be crossing over from other sectors including retail, transport, mining, construction and manufacturing.

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In January of 2011 AMI began an expansion into the oil and gas sector, adding an extensive number of new courses to scope.

OPITO approved courses:

  • FOET
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