Changes to Maritime course delivery

AMI management advises students that AMI is no longer delivering Marine qualifications or courses.

For all enquiries and bookings for Maritime Courses, please contact the organisations listed below.

For Maritime Qualifications.  i.e., Coxswains, Masters (MC<24, MC<35), Marine Engine Drivers (MED2) etc. contact;


EMC Training WA:



Ph: 1300 643 221

South Metropolitan TAFE:


Ph: 1800 001 001

For STCW and / or COST courses:



Ph: 1300 374 828



Ph: 1300 432 700

We will continue to supply OPITO approved courses for the Oil and Gas industry.

For any questions or further information, please contact our office during work hours on 1300 684 116.

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Call (08) 6323 8624 for all course enquiries and enrolment information

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